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The current collection contains the digital CD-keys to play Spore games on Origin. Spore collection offers a series of life simulation real-time strategy games that are published by Electronic Arts (EA). It is up to you how you want to play with the evolution. There are a total of 5 evolutionary stages 1) Cell, 2) Creature, 3) Tribe, 4) Civilization, and 5) Space. Start from a cell, cultivate one species or establish civilizations or tribes on new planets. Explore the new planets and customize creatures in your way. Create a creature with four eyes, or six legs or two mouths, it is your choice how you want your new lifeform to look like. Take your creation from a humble microbe to a starship leader. To do so, the games offer creation tools that are quite easy to use. These creation tools will not only help you create the creatures of your choice but also build vehicles, buildings, and starships.

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