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Styx is a stealth PC game that takes stealth gaming to a whole new level. Styx is one of the most visually remarkable video games out there. With the unique designs of the characters and beautiful landscapes, Styx is a digital game that is mostly dark as you have to stick to the shadows and remain hidden most of the time. The main character of the game is Styx, a green goblin who has some overwhelmingly strong stealth skills. Styx can not only fight hard but with his abilities, he can carry out stealth missions with ease. Apart from setting booby traps for the enemies or spitting some liquid from his mouth in order to make the opponent’s food poisonous, Styx can also conjure up his clone for distracting his enemies or be invisible to get out of sight. Buy the Steam game key at a discounted price at instant delivery from our website right now.

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Styx Master of ShadowsIn Stock
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Styx Shards of DarknessIn Stock
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