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Vampyr Collection

The blood-thirsty vampires are back with an ever-longing lust for drinking the blood of their victims. Vampyr is an action PC game in which you play as a doctor who has become a vampire now. The video game gives you the freedom to kill and take the blood of almost everybody, including the people who are giving you more quests. The simple combat of the digital game gets more exciting when you drink the blood of your enemy mid-fight to replenish your energy. The characters and the conversations between you and those characters are very well-written, making the wholesome gaming experience more engaging and fun. Exoncore’s exclusive collection of the Vampyr game for multiple platforms is available for you at a discounted price. Get instant delivery of the CD-key and start playing the game as soon as you get your key in a few minutes. Both the steam game key and GoG game key is available, so order right now.

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